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More Info East Fork Creek STAThe East Fork Creek basin upstream of the project contains portions of Heritage Ridge and Seabranch. There are several project components including a 700 foot long STA / 1500 foot long lake within an unopened right-of-way. The primary objective of the project is to reduce nutrient loads of Total Phosphorus (TP) by an estimated 57%, Total Nitrogen (TN) by 28%, and Total Suspended Solids by 80% to the St. Lucie Estuary, and assists the County in meeting the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) requirements.ConstructionEnvironmental & StormwaterDistrict 4District 4 
More InfoCulpepper Ranch-Phase 2In cooperation with the Loxahatchee River Preservation Initiative, Martin County completed construction of approximately 2/3 of the Ranch Colony Berm, and replaced/enhanced two 84" culverts and two additional structures along the berm. The County has $270,000 grant fund through the Loxahatchee River Preservation Initiative to help complete the project. This project will improve the northernmost berm segment to protect adjacent properties from flooding.ConstructionEnvironmental & StormwaterDistrict 3District 3 
More InfoCypress Creek Floodplain Restoration This project is to design, permit and build a structure within Cypress Creek to restore the freshwater floodplain of this critical tributary. Cypress Creek is one of the main tributaries to the the Loxahatchee River and its restoration is critical to the river's health. The project includes a feasibility study to determine what the structure will be made, where it would be located and how to best access the area. Once the feasibility study has been completed, full design will begin. The project will require obtaining a permanent access and maintenance agreement with the Florida Park Service. Staff is seeking grant funding to off-set the costs of design and construction.In DesignEnvironmental & StormwaterDistrict 3District 3 
More InfoGolden Gate North OutfallThis project has been awarded resiliency funding through the State of Florida. This project also received preliminary notification of additional 319 water quality funding for 2023.The north outfall canal for the Golden Gate STA experiences tidal backflow reducing the storage of the lake and increasing salinity. Martin County made improvements to the southern outfall in 2020, but two STAs are still impacted by tidal backflow, increasing saltwater in the wetland. This project will consist of the construction of a new weir structure to protect the STA’s North outfall from impacts caused by storm surge and sea-level rise (SLR). The project will also increase the stormwater retention volume, thus improving water quality. Building a new stormwater outfall control structure and restore portions of the outfall canal utilizing nature-based solutions for erosion control and water quality. The outfall control structure shall meet the intent of reducing saltwater intrusion within the STA, increasing the stormwater storage capacity, and improving water quality within the basins associated with this outfall. The outfall canal itself will be regraded using typical excavation methods but will be restored with natural solutions for erosion control, such as American Eelgrass (Vallisneria Americana) or Widgeon Grass (Ruppia Maritima) also utilize native vegetation as necessary to stabilize the banks. Monitoring and maintenance of the ditch lines will be performed following the project to document the success rate and factors that impact or promote this method as a viable natural solution to stormwater ditch erosion control and sediment stabilization.ProposedEnvironmental & StormwaterDistrict 2District 2Golden Gate
More InfoHawks Hammock AccessHawks Hammock Preserve consists of 431 acres of primarily pine flatwoods and scattered wetlands. A pavilion has been constructed on the preserve in addition to a series of equestrian and hiking trails. The newly acquired access consists of 11 acres directly adjacent to SW Green Farms Lane then leads into the northwest corner of Hawks Hammock Preserve. The new parcel primarily falls under an existing Preserve Area Management Plan (PAMP) with a boundary trail system identified. Past efforts by the county to provide public access via an easement through Markel Street to the southeast had not been successful, due to landowner objections. The Ecosystem and Restoration division has identified the need to a provide a new equestrian/pedestrian access to Hawks Hammock Preserve off SW Green Farms Lane. The project will include trailer friendly turnaround, improved trail system to access Hawks Hammock, kiosk, small pavilion/ pole barn, exotic vegetation treatment and boundary fencing.In DesignEnvironmental & StormwaterDistrict 5District 5 
More InfoJensen Beach Impoundment Hydrological RestorationThe Jensen Beach Impoundments was constructed in 1958. The sites are comprised of mangrove communities and function to control salt marsh mosquitoes. Historically, culverts and pump stations were installed in an effort to improve water quality, soil chemistry, and promote interconnectivity with the Indian River Lagoon. Water quality during the impounded period of the year demonstrates the need for hydrological restoration and the installation of additional culverts with spillways to improve the health of the system and retain natural estuary functions. Additionally, sedimentation in the existing channels and overgrowth surrounding the culverts is restricting water flow, limiting system functionality. In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, the Jensen Beach Impoundment sustained a loss of over 50 acres of mangrove habitat due to high water levels, poor connectivity, and insufficient infrastructure.ConstructionEnvironmental & StormwaterDistrict 1District 1 
More InfoJensen Beach West Kayak/Standup Paddleboard (SUP) AccessThe Jensen Beach West property consists of 26 acres of primarily mangrove tidal swamp and 6 acres of maritime hammock with disturbed uplands. This area provides for significant and rare habitat for many of our wildlife and fishery species. The parcel lies between the Indian River Lagoon to the west and Jensen Beach Park directly to the east. Exotic management within this area has not been addressed and remains the last parcel on Hutchinson Island within Martin County to be restored. Currently there is no public access to the Indian River Lagoon from this parcel for recreational activities. The Ecosystem Restoration and Management division has identified an existing channel that leads directly into the Indian River Lagoon from NE Ocean Boulevard. This location provides an opportunity to promote public access to the lagoon with the construction of a pull off/parking area and access dock/launching area for non-motorized vessels (i.e. canoe/kayak/SUP). The project will also include the restoration of approximately 6 acres of rare coastal vegetative communities with the implementation of exotic control and replanting.In DesignEnvironmental & StormwaterDistrict 1District 1 
More InfoPalm City Farms Stormwater Master PlanningThe purpose of this project is to develop a stormwater management master plan for the Palm City Farms area. A majority of the area falls within the FEMA Floodplain. As land use has changed, these systems may need to be re-evaluated for function, flood protection, and water quality, through a new stormwater management master plan. Several smaller projects that were identified as critical by this modeling effort have been completed since the start of the design. These projects include: - Repair of a historic berm in Western Danforth/Bessey Basins. - Replacement of an undersized culvert within Danforth Creek - Cleaning of box culverts in Danforth & Mapp Creek Basins - Roadside swale dredging & grading to improve drainage conveyance in sections of SW Citrus Blvd.In DesignEnvironmental & StormwaterDistrict 5District 5 
More InfoPalm City StormwaterInstallation of backflow preventers in several locations throughout the County with an emphasis in Old Palm City. High water levels during tidal and storm events cause saltwater intrusion into the system, reducing storage by up to 6 acre/ft, impacting water quality and the freshwater aquatic community. Create natural velocity dissipating spillways eventually, along with necessary repairs/replacements to the existing system to fit the backflow preventers. These areas have been identified in a county-wide vulnerability study.ProposedEnvironmental & StormwaterDistrict 5District 5Old Palm City
More InfoSW Prong - Manatee Creek STAThis project will construct a treatment train consisting of two wet detention ponds (approximately 0.5 and 1.1 acres), two diversion weir structures, enhanced vegetated channels, and a Summit High-Performance Upflow Filter System with bioactive media prior to discharge. This project will remove approximately 334 lbs-TN/year and 234 lbs-TP/year from the downstream Manatee Pocket and St. Lucie River, which are designated impaired by FDEP.In DesignEnvironmental & StormwaterDistrict 4District 4 
More InfoSavannas Preserve WeirThe Savannas Preserve Weir project is to construct an operable water control weir structure at Jensen Beach Boulevard and Warner Creek to provide habitat restoration within Savannas Preserve State Park and to reduce flooding in the downstream Warner Creek watershed. The scope of work includes site preparation, construction of a steel sheet pile weir with a steel reinforced concrete cap.ConstructionEnvironmental & StormwaterDistrict 1District 1 
More InfoSouth Jensen Heights Stormwater Retrofit Project The purpose of the South Jensen Heights Stormwater Retrofit is to reduce the roadway and property flooding that occurs on NE Elaine Street. Public Works Engineers have worked with industry professionals to provide a new and innovative solution to installing drainage pipes by use of directional drilling. This approach has allowed Martin County to save approximately $1,000,000 by not installing drainage in a conventional open-cut pipe installation process. Click the link for additional information on the retrofit permit.CompletedEnvironmental & StormwaterDistrict 1District 1 

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