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More Info Ridgeway Fire Station #33Relocation and construction of Fire Station 33 in the Seabranch/Ridgeway corridor. The contract for the construction of the new facility at the intersection of US 1 and Heritage Blvd has been awarded to local contractor, The Morganti Group. All site permits for the project have been issued and the bonds and insurance documents have been received. The project includes the construction of a right-hand turn lane from US 1 into the west side of the project. FDOT has issued a permit for the turn lane and a contract was awarded to J W Cheatham for the construction. The turn lane construction is complete.ConstructionFacilitiesDistrict 3District 3 
More Info14th & 15th Street Roadway Restoration As part of the Infrastructure Reinvestment Program the project includes resurfacing of aging roadways within the Palm Lake Park subdivision.ConstructionRoadwaysDistrict 1District 1 
More Info1Murphy Rd over C-23 Bridge ReplacementThe Murphy Rd. Bridge replacement includes removal and reconstruction of a 230' long two lane bridge over the C-23 Canal. The bridge will be demolished and reconstructed in phases so that one lane of traffic will remain open at all times during the construction. Project elements include replacement of bridge pilings, substructure construction, construction of a new precast deck slab bridge, relocation of an existing waterline, MOT, drainage improvements, and other incidental work.ConstructionBridgesDistrict 5District 5 
More Info96th Street Staging Area for the Artificial Reef ProgramDesigning and permitting a new bulkhead at 96th Street site will allow the County to have waterfront access for loading and unloading of barges during Artificial Reef projects. The entire project will be to construct a bulkhead the entire length of the right-of-way under the Arundel Bridge.In DesignCoastalDistrict 4District 4 
More InfoAircraft Parking Apron Rehabilitation (Construction)Rehabilitate concrete apron adjacent to new Customs Facility and Airport Operations Center. Existing concrete and asphalt apron adjacent to the new Customs Facility is beyond its useful life. The proposed project will provide parking for aircraft clearing customs. The apron will be constructed of concrete due to the size of aircraft and turning movements.ConstructionAirportDistrict 2District 2 
More InfoAirport Operations Center and Airfield Electrical Vault - ConstructionConstruct new airport operations center building and Airfield Electrical Vault The current building does not meet the space requirements for the Airport staff and operations. The location occupies valuable airside property.ConstructionAirportDistrict 2District 2 
More InfoArtificial ReefTo create 3 new reefs within the permitted South County reef area; each reef will be roughly 500 tons of recycled concrete. The proposed artificial reef is situated close to the southern boundary of Martin County in an approximate water depth of 65 ft.ConstructionCoastalDistrict 1District 1 
More InfoAutomatic Meter Read (AMR) Replacement3200 meters are being replaced per year throughout the County.ConstructionUtilities, Water & SewerDistrict 1
District 2
District 3
District 4
District 5
District 1, District 2, District 3, District 4, District 5 
More InfoBathtub Beach/Sailfish Point Nourishment ProjectDredge up to 220,000 cubic yards (cy) of sediment from flood shoal Borrow Area “C”, the Sailfish Point Marina Channel, and the Impoundment Basin as necessary to fill the construction template, and place the sediment as beach and dune fill along approximately 3,500 feet of Atlantic Ocean shoreline along Bathtub Reef Beach Park and Sailfish Point in Martin County, Florida; perform Impoundment Basin grading from 6,500 cy to 8,000 cy of material and maintain the intertidal (at maximum) elevation throughout the project, perform all turbidity and vibration monitoring, till the beach after fill placement; complete construction and remove all equipment from the beach by April 30, 2021.CompletedCoastalDistrict 1District 1 
More InfoBeau Rivage Neighborhood RestorationInfrastructure Reinvestment Program project includes the replacement of drainage structures, regrading of drainage swales, addition of sewer force main, pavement milling & resurfacing, and replacement of sidewalk & other ancillary items within the neighborhood. This project completes the neighborhood restoration of the Beau Rivage subdivisionIn DesignNeighborhood RestorationDistrict 1District 1 
More InfoBeau Rivage Water Main Assessment with Force MainProposed water assessment. Will construct a low pressure sewer collection system if the water assessment is approved by the Board of County Commissioners.In DesignUtilities, Water & SewerDistrict 1District 1 
More InfoBlue Water Way - Septic to SewerForce main infrastructure for the septic to sewer conversion using residential grinder stations to serve 26 properties.In DesignUtilities, Water & SewerDistrict 2District 2 
More InfoBridge Road Main Street ImprovementsThis project brings the vision of the Bridge Road “Main Street” to reality as conceptualized within the adopted Hobe Sound Community Redevelopment Plan. The project includes undergrounding the overhead utilities, improving drainage, promoting walkability through sidewalk additions, landscape and lighting enhancements, on-street parking, and roadway resurfacing.ConstructionCommunity Redevelopment Area (CRA)District 3District 3Hobe Sound
More InfoBritt Road Fire Station #18Replacement of existing fire station. The structure will be built to a 50-year life expectancy and in accordance with NFPA standards to include storage for personal protective equipment outside of the bay area where it cannot be exposed to diesel exhaust fumes.ConstructionFacilitiesDistrict 1District 1 
More InfoCR-609 GuardrailGuardrail replacement on CR-609 / SW Allapattah Road. The segment of Allapattah Road where the guardrail is to be installed has an existing 60' wide canal on the east side of the road and a 20' wide deep ditch on the west side of the road. There is very limited shoulder space and the embankment slopes are steep.ConstructionRoadwaysDistrict 5District 5 

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