Ripple Stormwater EcoArt Project



The RIPPLE STORMWATER ECOART PROJECT is a water quality and eco-art project located on parcels along 28th Street and 29th Street in Old Palm City. The project design was developed through artist led community engagement with neighborhood residents and design professionals. Project design was partially funded through the National Endowment for the Arts, Our Town Grants. The project encompasses stormwater system improvements over four (4) Martin County owned parcels totaling approximately 2.36 acres, within a drainage basin of approximately 20 acres. The intent of the project is to provide water quality and flood routing improvements, along with educational installations and art features. The project consists of a trail system traversing through the four sites with each site utilizing either dry or wet detention ponds designed to provide water quality and flood attenuation improvements.


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Type:Community Redevelopment Area (CRA)
District:District 5
CRA: Old Palm City
Project Contact: Jordan Pastorius
Comments: The drainage and grading work as been completed by XGD Systems. XGD has started work on the pavilion and dock on site 3. Sunshine Land Design is more than 50% complete with landscaping the project.
Phase Start Date: 02/2021
Phase End Date: 02/2022
% Complete: 70%